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Our Curriculum – TE WHAARIKI

Our curriculum is based on the New Zealand Childhood Curriculum – Te Whaariki which is based on four main principles: Empowerment, Holistic Development, Family and Community, and Relationships.

The five key strands that are woven into everything that we do at the centre are:

  • Well-being – the health and well being of your child is protected and their emotional well being is nutured.
  • Belonging – Your child and Whanau will feel a sense of belonging.
  • Contribution – Opportunities for learning are equitable, and your child’s contribution is valued.
  • Communication – The language and symbols of your child’s own and other cultures are promoted and protected.
  • Exploration – Your child will learn through active exploration of the environment.
Kea Room (0 - 2 years)

Growing Minds Early Childhood Centre
For most children, beginning care means beginning a new and different way of life. Growing Minds on the North Shore has a very individualised orientation process which is determined in collaboration with parents prior to the child’s first day. In line with our Staffing Policy, consistency of educators is important and remains constant each day.

Kea Room is equipped with a kitchenette where staff can heat bottles and baby food if necessary. It also has a separate sleep room allowing staff to accommodate children’s various sleep requirements.

The Infant programme is geared to meet the physical and emotional needs of infants in a fun, secure and calm environment. As they transition into crawlers and toddlers, self-discovery is supported by activities which facilitate expression through sound and experimentation with colours and shapes. The programme also facilitates developing social skills through play with fellow children. Training is also given to support the child through early toilet training.

Kiwi Room (2 - 4 years)

Growing Minds Early Childhood Centre

This is the main area of the centre comprising a large playroom and the transition of the two year olds is made smoother by gradually introducing them to the over two area. In line with our Staffing Policy, consistency of carers is important and remains constant each day.

Children of this age have a rich imagination and love to engage in fantasy play. They are capable of detailed conversations, co-operate and play well with others, have a longer attention span and improved memory. Our Kiwi Room delivers a stimulating program for children of this age. The room is equipped with lots of art/craft, puzzles and books. In recognition of their love of rhythm and physical exercise, music and outdoor play are daily activities. Children are given an opportunity to sleep or alternatively rest after lunch each day. The outdoor area is spacious and well equipped with age appropriate toys.

Tui Room (4 - 5 years)

Growing Minds Early Childhood Centre

The transition for school is an important stage for pre-schoolers and our quality “Ready 4 School” programme nutures a learning environment with exciting activities to meet each child’s cognitive, physical and emotive development in readiness for life long learning.

Under the trained watchful eyes of our teachers, the program delivers a focus of self-expression through music, arts, dramatic play and discovery through outdoor and indoor play. At Growing Minds in the North Shore we have a big focus on science, literacy, and technology (take a tour of our latest technology available for your child). Each child is also given a book bag and books to be taken home for reading at home with parents/whanau. We also plan school classroom visits as familiarisation exercises.