Parent Information

Parents / Whānau involvement

Parents / Whānau are welcome and encouraged to be an integral part of Growing Minds Childcare Centre in Glenfield on the North Shore. Teachers will informally meet parents on a daily basis to exchange information especially when children arrive and depart to discuss their child’s day or to share relevant information about the child. The on-line portfolios are also updated regularly which Parents / Whānau can access to see highlights and activities and learning for the child.

Programme planning and core curriculum information is available on the parent notice boards and in the office . Our on-going updates online together with regular newsletters inform parents of special events and upcoming events within the programme, any planned reviews and consultation. Parents are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the Centre’s Policies and Procedures, Early Childhood Regulations (ECE) and copies of the centre’s last ERO Report are also available from the Centre.

Settling in

No two families are the same, so settling in your child for the first time will be unique to you. Our experience has generally shown us that spending some time in the learning centre with your child, prior to leaving them with us for the first time, can be very beneficial to you and your child. Just a few hours allows your child time to observe routines, become accustomed to surroundings and get to know faces. This familiarity is really important for their sense of well-being when they are left in our care, for the first time.

In terms of what to bring – You will need to provide morning and afternoon snacks for your child, spare clothes that are named, a hat (summer or winter), nappies for children that need them and spare underwear for children that are toilet training. If there are any prescription medications please inform the staff and we will record the details of dosage etc. We prefer kids not to bring their personal toys as the early learning centre is fully resourced.


Infancy and childhood are periods when optimal nutrition is essential for normal growth and development. Childhood is also a time of social, behavioural and attitudinal development. Eating habits developed in early childhood are strong influences on eating habits in adolescence and adulthood. It is important that the food and eating environment in childhood assists in the development of healthy eating habits.

We at Growing Minds early learning centre in Glenfield on the North Shore, aim to provide children with food and nutrition that is supported by healthy and nutritional dietary guidelines. We also aim to support and provide for children with food allergies or specific cultural practices. Meal times are used to reinforce suitable nutrition habits, manners, socialisation and self-help skills, and provide learning experiences in themselves. Morning and afternoon teas are provided by parents. Hot and fresh lunch is provided at the Centre. Check out our rotating 4 week menu plan that makes it easy for parents to plan their own evening meals.

Our healthy and nutritious meals are all prepared on-site by our chef. Our meals policy, available for viewing at the kindergarten, ensures that a robust system of precautions for any allergies and dietary requirements that children may have.


My wife and I have nothing but praise for the efforts of the staff and owners of Growing Minds for the kids in their care. Our daughter loves going their and has benefited immensely from attending. Keep up the good work guys.

If you want your child to be part of a family and not part of a safe little bubble then I would definitely recommend Sunset Kids. My daughter goes there and she is part ofone big happy family . The staff are well trained and professional and come from all sorts of backgrounds and share their experiences with the children. The owner and previous owners are the friendliest I have ever encountered at a daycare and really care about their families and are not after another paycheck, they actually encourage building a relationship. It’s a really wonderful environment .

Fantastic centre !!! Have had my kids in for more than 2 years now and will definitely not change!!! New floors are in and shiny. The centre even has a dedicated chef!!! Wow!!


We are very interested in your feedback, please contact us with any compliments or concerns.

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