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Our Rooms

Fantail Room: 0-2 Years

Growing Minds has an individualised orientation process which is determined in collaboration with parents prior to your child’s first day. We have teachers that stay with your infant so care remains consistent each day.

The Infant programme is geared to meet the physical and emotional needs of infants in a fun, secure and calm environment. As they transition into crawlers and toddlers, self-discovery is supported by activities which facilitate expression through sound and experimentation with colours and shapes. The programme also facilitates developing social skills through play with fellow children. Training is also given to support the child through early toilet training

Kiwi Room:
2-4 Years

This is the main area of the centre comprising a large playroom. The transition is made smoother by a gradual introduction to this space.  We have teachers that stay with your child so care remains consistent each day. 

Children of this age have a rich imagination and love to engage in fantasy play. They are capable of detailed conversations, co-operate and play well with others, have a longer attention span and improved memory. Our Kiwi Room delivers a stimulating program for children of this developmental age. The room is equipped with lots of arts, crafts, puzzles, and books. In recognition of their love of rhythm and physical exercise, music and outdoor play are daily activities. Children are given an opportunity to sleep or alternatively rest after lunch each day. The outdoor area is spacious and allows for free play

If you would like to see the centre in person, please get in touch to arrange a tour.

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