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How to Participate at Growing Minds

How to be more involved in your child’s learning & access information about your child.

We welcome your involvement and participation at the centre. We offer many ways for to be involved with your child’s learning.

1. Talk to our teachers

You are welcome at any time to come and talk to our teachers about your child to discuss anything at all. Let us know should you have any details, concerns or celebrations in regard to your child.

We work in collaboration with our families should you have any concerns about the centre please first talk to our Centre Manager. If the matter remains unresolved then please follow the Complaints Procedure which is displayed at the centre next to daily sign in area.

2. Storypark

We use a secure on line system called Storypark, we use it to send you “stories” of what you child is doing. This you allows you to participate meaningfully with your teachers about your child’s learning. Storypark is not just sharing cute pictures, you can see your child’s learning development, the centres education approach goals and plans and you can provide feedback to our teachers. Your teacher observes your child as they play and learn. They record what is happening through links to curriculum goals in Storypark, for educational context. They then share the story with you and you are able to provide feedback that is on-point and valuable. Furthermore, you are better placed to constructively continue the learning at home. We then combine your feedback to plan and implement further learning. The stories can be shared with your extended family as you wish.

3. Profiles

Each child has their own profile. We ask, when you start that you fill in the information sheets, we use them to familiarise ourselves with your child, their likes dislikes etc. As they proceed in centre life we add sheets showing your child at play and learning observations. We also put in artwork etc. The profiles grow fast and the children love to sit and look at their own book all about them. You are welcome to take the book home from time to time to share it with others.

4. Facebook page

Growing Minds has a facebook page whereby we will share activities and learning experiences. Children only appear if their parents give permission and children are never named.

5. Updates

From time to time we email information about the centre and what we are doing. Using our Storypark system it is easy to comment back to us.

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